Between 21 and 36students and 3 professors were picked up yesterday around 5 pm, brutally beaten in a police van, and detained in unknown locations all night. We have some information now that they were detained in Miyapur and Narsing police stations; the police blatantly lied to people who went to Miyapur police station that they were not holding any people there. We still do not know their fate.

The CRPF and RAF have beaten hundreds of protesting students badly in campus, abused them as “anti-nationals”. Students were crying and in pain.
Women were beaten and grabbed by male police officers. The phones of several students have been confiscated while they video recorded the brutality. Hostels were searched as police appeared to have a pre-determined list of students and faculty they were trying to pick up, which media have said was a list directly supplied by the VC. A letter has emerged showing the eerie and detailed coordination between Appa Rao, and sections of faculty, non teaching staff, and ABVP students (see below).
This VC has disrupted the peaceful academic semester with his unannounced and forceful return, and his only actions upon returning are to postpone the academic council meeting on account of Holi, suspend classes until the 26th (why?), encourage non teaching staff to go on strike leading to halting of food supply in the messes.
Drinking water, water for sanitation, and internet are also completely shut down on campus.

Why is the VC intent on shutting down the University and disrupting campus harmony and the academic schedule – that too so close to student’s exam times?

There is a media black out of this, so please spread the word and anyone who can, pressure the authorities to release the students and professors.

Prashanth is one amongst the five suspended students with Rohith who has been very articulate in the struggles after Rohith’s death.

Another Dalit Prof Laxmi Narayana, is also arrested, one of the most peace loving of them all. The accounts sound like it was a well-planned forceful repression of the struggle.
Please Share the picture nd call on the numbers provided to demand the release of all those who have been illegally detained.