I am Sumita from Chennai. My husband and in laws harass me for dowry. He refuses to live with me…

Dec 04, 2012   Chennai, maps4aid.com

Action Taken: Sumita has been advised to immediately get in touch with legal aid center in Chennai. The details have been email to her.

My name is Sumita (Name Changed). i got married nearly three years back to an IRS officer who is currently posted in chennai.

From the day one i am facing mental harassment from my husband and in laws since i refused to transfer my property to his name. He bad mouth about me and my family to his colleagues and relatives. he sends messages which are in very derogatory manner. He’s been refusing to live with me. I waited with patience and tried all means for a reunion. but nothing turned out to be positive. i’ve been facing all these problems only since i refused to transfer my property. Till date he has not paid even a single penny for me. We both are now staying in the same station,that is in chennai, but he’s refusing to take house for me. i am suffering mentally.

Source: Direct Report from Victim