IIT Bhubaneswar professor taken to task for mentally ‘harassing’ girls
The professor was already a dean and founder head of a department since 2009 when the IIT was established.
BHUBANESWAR: IIT Bhubaneswar (IITBBS) has ‘censured’ a professor for mental harassment of two M Tech girls.

Sources said the IIT took action against the professor this weekend after the minutes of a meeting of the board of governors (BOG) held in New Delhi in December reached here. The BOG, under the chairmanship of S K Roongta, took the decision on the basis of inquiry report by a seven-member committee.

IITBBS director Sujit Roy said the case had reached a logical conclusion. “The institute followed the laid down procedures for such an allegation with due diligence. The faculty member concerned was censured and issued certain strictures. It is a closed chapter for us now,” Roy told TOI on Sunday.

On April 27, 2014, the girls had lodged a complaint with the IIT director alleging that the professor wanted them to visit his chamber frequently, even at night, and threatened to spoil their career by awarding poor marks. The institute had constituted an inquiry panel to probe the charges and sent the professor on leave.

As part of the punishment, the teacher can never hold any administrative post, such as dean or head of any department or committee in the institute. The professor was already a dean and founder head of a department since 2009 when the IIT was established.

The professor, a PhD from IIT Kanpur, could not be contacted for comments. His colleagues said the 49-year-old man had numerous national and international awards to his credit.

A source said the professor had already resigned from IIT. He, however, will be at the IIT for a few months more.