Vinta Nanda said that Alok Nath didn’t deny he was her alleged rapist when she spoke about it earlier. That he is denying it now means he’s scared

I'm Fearless Now And Alok Nath Is Afraid: Vinta Nanda On Alleged Rapist

Vinta Nanda speaks on allegations against Alok Nath at a press conference in Mumbai



  1. “I would imagine he’s afraid,” said Vinta Nanda
  2. “He is the one who needs to deal with his fear,” she added
  3. “I am fearless today because I have spoken,” said Vinta Nanda

Vinta Nanda, the woman who’s searing account of rape by an actor 19 years ago has shocked social media, told the press today that she is meeting advisors and will decide on a plan of action by tomorrow, reports news agency ANI. Twitter has been baying for Ms Nanda’s alleged rapist Alok Nath’s blood since her Facebook post last evening detailing not just the harrowing rape but also the years of isolation, depression, trauma and suffering that she endured after. Ms Nanda said that Mr Nath didn’t deny he was her alleged rapist when she spoke about it earlier and the fact that he is denying it now means he’s scared. “I would imagine he’s afraid and he is the one who needs to deal with his fear. I am fearless today because I have spoken what I had to and I’ve let it out. And for the first time in 20 years, I’m feeling fearless, like I used to feel at that time before this happened,” Ms Nanda said, reports ANI.

Alok Nath, famous as the ‘sanskaari bapuji’ from family dramas, told ABP News that he neither ‘denies nor agrees with Vinta Nanda’s allegations and that ‘only what a woman says will be considered.’

Vinta Nanda told the press today that when she first spoke out about her experience, it was brushed aside and that Alok Nath continued to get work while she was branded a troublemaker. Now, she says, she’s not afraid. “I have spoken openly and I am not shamed. The man who has done it to me is the one who should feel ashamed. I am speaking because he should be ashamed because he has lived so many years believing he got away. Why should I hide my face?” Ms Nanda said, reports ANI.



Vinta Nanda has already been promised ‘full support’ by the Cine And TV Artistes Association or CINTAA in the event of a formal complaint. The Producers Guild has also released a statement saying they are committed to providing safe workplaces for all members of the film and TV industry.

Vinta Nanda’s horrific tale of rape, brutalization and persecution has been described as ‘terrifying’ and ‘heart-wrenching’ by celebrities. She also details how Alok Nath harassed his co-star Navneet Nishan on the sets of Nineties TV show Tara, which Ms Nanda created.


His wife was my best friend. 
We were in and out of each other’s homes, we belonged to the same group of friends, most of us from theatre, slowly making our arts shine in the content renaissance, which had taken place because of the satellite television revolution of the 1990’s. 
I was producing and writing the No 1 show on TV called Tara. 
He was after my lead girl. 
She was not interested in him. 
He was an alcoholic, shameless and obnoxious but he was also the television star of that decade, so not only was he forgiven for all his bad behaviour but many of the guys would egg him on to be his worst. 
My lead female actor was being harassed by him. 
He would mess with her on the sets and everyone would be silent. 
When she complained to us, we decided to let him go. 
We needed one last shot between them and soon after it had been taken we had planned to let him know that we didn’t want to work with him any longer. 
He had become aware of our plan and on that day, he came drunk on our sets. 
He continued to drink till the time he was called for the shot. 
When the moment came and the camera rolled, he felt up our female lead and very viciously. 
My lead actress slapped him. 
We asked him to leave the sets and told him that he was not going to be on the show any longer. 
Life went on without him on the show and common friends intervened to patch us up as friends. 
The ratings of the show kept soaring but the management at the channel changed and it started asking us to change the lead actress. 
We said we could not do it but then the management demanded a change of generation story to start and asked us to cook up a younger Tara, who was to appear out of nowhere and was to be later revealed as the original Tara’s daughter, born out of wedlock to her or some such thing. 
This also meant that our original Tara would continue with us. 
We agreed to go ahead, not that we had much choice, but a day before we were to shoot the new generation story, we were told that the lead actor who had been asked to leave the show was to be brought back. 
We did that because there was no room left for protest under so much oppression that we had by now been subjected to. 
We had four more shows running on the same channel, all big on ratings and our refusal to do as we were being told to do meant jeopardising them. 
The new generation story went on air and ran for a week. 
We were called by the newly appointed CEO of the channel on the Monday of the following week and told to shut down the show, along with all our other shows. 
I was insulted and humiliated by the CEO, asked to get out of his office and told that women like me should be thrown out of the country. 
All our shows went off air with immediate effect and my production company was made to shut down. 
Now is when the worst happened. 
I loved my life, I was a successful woman, I smoked and I drank. 
I was a liberated person. 
I was invited to a party to this mans house, his wife, my best friend was out of town. 
It was usual for our group of friends from theatre to meet regularly so there was nothing unusual about my going to the party. 
As the evening flowed, my drinks were mixed and I began to feel strange. 
Then at around 2am I left his house. 
Nobody followed me or offered to drop me home, which was what was rather unusual. 
All I knew at the time was that I had to get home. I could sense it wouldn’t be right for me to stay there any longer. 
I started to walk home on the empty streets although the distance to my own house was long. 
Midway I was accosted by this man who was driving his own car and he asked me to sit in it and said he would drop me home. 
I trusted him and sat in his car. 
I have faint memory after that. 
I can remember more liquor being poured into my mouth and I remember being violated endlessly. 
When I woke up the next afternoon, I was in pain. 
I hadn’t just been raped, I was taken to my own house and had been brutalised
I couldn’t get up for my bed. 
I told some of my friends but everybody advised me to forget about it and move on. 
My company was closed but I got a job to write and direct a series for Plus Channel. 
The man found his way through the casting route and became one of the lead actors on the show. 
He created an environment in which I was made to feel threatened so I asked the producers to release me from directing the series because I didn’t want to be around where he was. 
I continued to write the show. 
Here’s the most difficult part, the main reason why I have taken so long to come out with the truth. 
While I was working on this new series, he asked me to come to his house again and I went to allow him to violate me. 
I needed the job and didn’t want to leave it as I needed the money. 
It was after this that I quit. 
I was completely shattered by then. It was a nervous breakdown I was going through, but I was trying to be brave. 
I tried to pick up the threads of my life but channels and networks and sets and rehearsals started to freak me out. 
I continued to write, but the couple of times that I pushed myself and found the courage to pitch for shows, I would break down during meetings. 
Finally I gave up. 
Almost 20 years later, I’m totally fine now, healed and reunited with my own self again. 
I’m afraid of speaking to an audience. 
For someone like me who was fearless and could talk to large audiences for hours, it is something that bothers me so I’m working on it. 
The only reason I’m telling this story now is because I don’t want that any girl should ever fear holding the truth back. 
What followed because of my silence was even worse. 
I became easy prey because the message had been put out that I was afraid and so I would not open my mouth. 
The couple of times that I wrote about what I had gone through created more complications because I stopped getting work. 
To deal with all the fear and shame I drank myself silly almost every evening and even flirted with drugs. 
I had friends who rallied around me and helped me clean up and restart my life in 2009, which meant that I had lived my trauma for 10 long years. 
Social Media also saved me. 
I had been done, dusted and buried as a professional but I was back in the face of the world on Facebook and soon on Twitter as well. 
I had tremendous support from some friends including their trust, so I became emboldened and bounced back. 
I have waited for this moment to come for 19 years. 
I shout out to each one of you who have suffered at the hands of predators to come out and say it aloud. 
Don’t hold yourselves back. 
This is a moment for change so your silence will only hold barriers to its evolution. 
Speak out. 
Shout out from the top of the roof. 
My friend Nutan who is no more took me to the back road of #LokhandwalaComplex in #Andheri where she made me break a 100 empty bottles and I threw them into the mangroves and shouted out all my anger and frustration. 
I never looked back after that day. 
Irony is that the man, the predator in question here is the actor par excellence who is known as the most #Sanskaari (Cultured) person in the film and television industry.

Navneet Nishan backed Ms Nanda in a statement and said that she ended four years of harassment by slapping Mr Nath.

Tara Star Navneet Nishan Reveals She Slapped Harasser, Thought To Be Alok Nath

Navneet Nishan has corroborated Vinta Nanda’s account of alleged rape which also included details of how she was harassed on the sets of Tara

Tara Star Navneet Nishan Reveals She Slapped Harasser, Thought To Be Alok Nath

“I empathise with Vinta,” said Navneet Nishan (courtesy navniit.nisshan)



  1. “I dealt with the four-year harassment by slapping the man,” she said
  2. “I empathise with Vinta for the terrible pain,” said Navneet Nishan
  3. I fought my battles there and then,” she added

Old wounds have reopened as #MeToo allegations engulf the worlds of entertainment and media. In a statement to NDTV, actress Navneet Nishan has corroborated Tara showrunner Vinta Nanda’s account of alleged rape which also included details of how Ms Nishan was harassed on the sets of the Nineties TV show. In her statement, Ms Nishan, who played the central role of Tara, said she was harassed for four years at the end of which she ‘slapped the man in question’ and that she was ‘further shamed by the man through the media.’ Ms Nanda has described how Navneet Nishan endured being inappropriately touched by the male lead on the show until she finally complained. Later, Ms Nanda was allegedly raped by the actor – identified on social media as Alok Nath, the ‘sanskaari bapuji’ of several films and serials.

In her statement to NDTV, Navneet Nishan said: “I support every woman and man who is standing up for herself/himself in the #MeToo movement. I empathise with Vinta for the terrible pain she has gone through; it is unimaginable. I dealt with the four-year harassment by slapping the man in question and it is done and dusted. l suffered the loss of the show and was further shamed by the man through media and I endured that. I fought my battles there and then. I am immensely glad that the power trip and sexual dominance coming from this power is being called out. It is high time.”

The media shaming Ms Nishan is referring to is likely a magazine interview in which Alok Nath reportedly claimed his co-star used drugs. This detail is included in a 1994 report published in India Today that is being circulated anew – it reveals that back in the day, Navneet Nishan had sued Mr Nath for Rs. 1 crore for alleged misconduct and that she called him an ‘alcoholic fool.’ The hugely popular Tara ran for five years between 1993 and 1997.

Vinta Nanda’s traumatic account of allegedly being raped and brutalised by the actor has shocked social media. Described in Ms Nanda’s harrowing account as “the actor par excellence who is known as the most #Sanskaari (cultured) person in the film and television industry,” the alleged predator was quickly identified on social media as Alok Nath.

The #MeToo movement exploded after Tanushree Dutta renewed a decade-old complaint of harassment against Nana Patekar two weeks ago. Filmmaker Vikas Bahl, singer Kailash Kher and actor Rajat Kapoor have also been outed as alleged predators.