Map of Gujarat showing location of Anand

Map of Gujarat showing location of Anand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 April 9, 2012

Press Release

The Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) welcomes the decision in Sessions Case Nos 45/2008 (CR No 23/2002) to convict 23 of the 47 accused charge sheeted in the Odh massacre case in Anand, Gujarat. Eighteen of those convicted have been convicted under sections 302, 120B and 149 of the Indian Penal Code and others under section 307, 120 B and 149.

The CJP salutes the courage and resilience of the witness survivors who despite being displaced into towns and villages all over Anand district, deposed in court without fear and ensured that justice was done. The fact that witness protection was provided by the CISF, following the Supreme Court’s directions on a petition filed by the Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) and the continued monitoring of the trial by the apex court no doubt ensured this result.

There are lessons to be learnt from this and other post Godhra cases that are systemic –the need for independent investigations which are timely and immediate, the need for a robust witness protection programme and the necessity for the higher judiciary to keep an eye on cases of mob violence.

The CJP recognises the hardship that witness survivors have had to put up with. A few families live in fear in Odh whereas the vast majority live in nearby Bhalej, Dhunagra, Sureli, Anand. Many families live on agricultural lands surrounding Odh where the humiliation of boycott is a reality. Even today water from common water sources is denied to the survivor witnesses. This is the price, the heavy price that those who have stood by the struggle for justice. The CJP appeals to the state government and the administration to abide by its constitutional mandate and ensure genuine rehabilitation and reparation of the survivors of the Odh massacre.

Sentencing of the accused will be pronounced on April 12, 2012.

Advocates Irshad Mansuri and Nasir Shaikh appeared for the survivor witnesses on behalf of CJP.

Teesta Setalvad, Secretary, CJP from Anand

List of Accused Convicted and Sections under which they have been convicted

Vinubhai Bhikabhai Patel, 302, 120 B

Atulbhai Dahyabhai Patel, 302, 120 B

Vijaybhai Ravjibhai Patel, 302, 120 B

Devangbhai Harshadbhai Patel, 307, 120 B, 149

Girishbhai Somabhai Patel, 307, 120 B, 149

Prakashbhai Jassubhai Patel, 307, 120 B, 149

Dilipbhai Vallabhai Patel, 302, 120 B

Harisbhai Vallabhai Patel, 302,120 B

Dilipbhai Somabhai Patel, 307, 120 B, 149

Jayendrabhai Satishbhai Patel, 302, 120 B, 149

Sureshbhai Bhailalbhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Arvindbhai Ravjibhai Patel, 302, 120 B, 149

Hemantbhai Sanabhai @Gokulbhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Sanatkumar Ranchodbhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Manubhai Jethabhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Dilipbhai Ranchodbhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Poonambhai Laljibhai Patel, 302, 120 B, 149

Dharmeshkumar Nathubhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Vinubhai Sanabhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Natubhai Mangalbhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Praveenbhai Mangalbhai Patel, 302,120 B, 149

Name of Witnesses CR 45/2008 (Formerly CR 23/2002)

Odh Incident Khambolaj Police Station

1. Rafik Khalifa Complainant

2. Majidmiya Muradmiya Malek

3. Mehmudabibi W/o Majidmiya Muradmiya Malek

4. Mohammedkhan Akbarkhan Pathan

5. Safimiya Mohammedmiya Malek

6. Kalumiya Jeevamiya Malek

7. Arifmiya @ Lalmiya Jusab

8. Firozkhan Matbarkhan Pathan

9. Aiyubkhan Kasamkhan Pathan

10. Yasinkhan Mehmudmiya Malek

11. Hussainkhan Hasukhan Pathan

12. Matbarkhan Bhikhankhan Pathan

13. Mehbubmiya @ Kalumiya Hasumiya Shaikh

14. Sikandarmiya Ahmedmiya Malek

15. Yasinkhan Mustufamiya Malek

16. Nabimiya Akbarmiya Malek

17. Ahmedmiya Jeevamiya Malek

18. Kalumiya Mohammedmiya Malek

19. Ruksanabanu W/o Iliyas Nabimiya Malek

20. Merajbibi (PW 109) Rasoolkhan Pathan (injured witness was added)


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