Madhya Pradesh

 Press release : 5/11/2012 / Bhopal


Jan Sangharsh Morcha demands Immediate release of farmers, and activists in Chhindwada arrested for protesting forcible eviction for Adani Pench Power Project.


Condemns displacement at gunpoint and demands transparency and due legal process for private investment in the so called development projects.


The arrest in Chhindwada on Sunday night, of Medha Patkar and 23 others reveals the ugly face of MP government’s hype on the recent Global Investors’ Meet and the strident solicitation of private sector investments. Investment at gunpoint, forcible displacement by the police, unlawful diversion of land, forest and water to industry, jailing of peacefully protesting activists is the truth behind the government’s investment programme.


Medha Patkar and others were arrested from the home of advocate Aradhana Bhargava a day after she herself was arrested. Medha and others had gone to Chhindwada following reports of heavy police build up in villages protesting Pench Water Diversion Project and threats that villagers would be forcibly evicted from the 4th of November. They were however not allowed to proceed to the affected areas and were forcibly detained in Chhindwada town, and were jailed last night. Adv Aradhana Bhargava, who was arrested on who has been active in a peaceful movement, ongoing since 2004, against forcible displacement and diversion of water by the Pench Diversion Project, and the Adani Pench Power Project. The Pench project alone will displace more than 31 villages and over 56,000 families, and villagers have been protesting that no proper rehabilitation has been offered to them. In addition to the diversion of village water resources to corporate concerns ,forest land and commons are also being handed over to Adani and other corporate houses without any due legal process.


The Pench Diversion Project does not even have environmental clearance from the MoEF, and its 1986clearance has lapsed.

Medha Patkar has begun an indefinite hunger strike in jail to protest these unlawful arrests.


Jan Sangarsh Morcha (MP) condemns the attempts by the MP government to sacrifice precious natural resources to corporate profits and the forcible eviction of farmers at gunpoint . The reality behind the MP govt.’s much –hyped development through private investment is that corporate loot is being facilitated without any due legal process, while the interests of farmers and other common citizens are being sacrificed .

The Jan Sangarsh Morcha calls upon the state govt. to protect the development interests of the people of the state instead of sacrificing their interest at the altar of corporate profits.


Narmada Bachao Andolan,Samajvadi Jan Parishad,Jagrit Dalit Adivasi Sangathan,Bargi Bandh Visthapit Sangathan,Bhopal Gas Peedit Mahilla Sangathan,M.P. Mahilla Manch,Shramik Adivasi Sangathan



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