October 22, 2012

There was a protest demonstration at Uttarakhand Bhawan on 20th October 2012 against repression of worker’s movement , particularly against registration of false and fabricated F.I.R. against 32 workers related with Inqulabi Mazdoor Kendra who were participating in a peaceful rally organized after completion of their 2 day long 3rd Conference in Haridwar. Activists of different organization gathered at Uttarkahand Bhawan and submitted a memorandum to Resident commissioner demanding quashing of fabricated FIR. They also demanded judicial inquiry in registration of false FIR and punishment to officer involved in imposing the said false and fabricated FIR. Activists of Inqalabi Mazdoor Kendra , Krantikari Lok Adhikar Sangathan, Krantikari Naujawan Sabha, Mehnatkash Mazdoor Morcha, Mazdoor Patrika, Pragatisheel Mahila Ekta Kendra & others were present their. A gate meeting was also organised where in speakers emphasized on fight against onslaught of indian state against workers and poor masses. Copy of memorandum given to the R.C. Uttarakhand is given below.


Dated: – 20.10.2012


The Resident Commissioner
Uttrakhand Bhawan
New Delhi

Subject: – Memorandum against repression of worker’s movement and registration of false and fabricated FIR against workers and activists at P.S. Ranipur Haridwar.

We the undersigned organizations/ individuals have come to oppose the repression of workers and rampant violation of worker’s as well as common citizen’s democratic and fundamental rights by Uttarkhand Police.

Uttarkhand Government is adamant to repress the worker’s movement. They want to kill the worker’s unity at nascent stage and for that purpose resort to illegal use of police force and other administrative machinery. On 15th October 2012 a false and fabricated F.I.R. bearing no. 321/2012 at p.s. Ranipur has been registered.

The local administration as well as concerned police authorities was aware that on 14th and 15th October, 2012, 3rd Conference of Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra was going on in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. At the end of the conference a procession was taken out from Chinamay Degree College to Rawali Mahdood village and written intimation dated 05.10.2012 regarding this procession was also given to the SDM Haridwar10 days in advance. (Copy Enclosed).

The said application was forwarded to SHO Ranipur with direction to do the needful, however on instructions of authorities at state level, a forged and fabricated F.I.R. No. 321/2012 U/S 147/341/447/505 I.P.C. as well as under 7 criminal law amendment act was registered against 32 named persons and 150 unknown. It is pertinent to mention here in that several persons who were not present in the conference or even few are those who never visited Haridwar have been named in F.I.R. with ulterior motive to crush the worker’s movement at nascent stage.

There is state offensive against the general masses as well as working class of the country, who are prone to state repression. The worker’s right is being violated rampantly by the state machinery. Labor department has become defunct institutions and labor laws gets place in books of law only for record.

The incident of 15th October is one stark example of worker’s repression. On 15th October when the activists and members of Inqulabi Mazdoor Kendra came out with the procession namely Majdoor Adhikar Jagrukta Rally in a peaceful manner, police registered a false F.I.R. against them.

We are living in a democratic country. Holding meetings, taking out processions, organize conventions, make slogans and protest in peaceful manner is democratic right of Indian citizen. Article 19 of The Indian Constitution makes guarantee to the freedom of speech & expression as well as freedom of association and assembly in peaceful manner as fundamental right. In the incident cited above, local police have crossed the limit by registering false and fabricated case against innocent citizens of India violating their fundamental right. The Uttarakhand Government as well as Indian state has failed to protect the rights of its citizen, particularly of those which comes from vulnerable sections of the society.

We undersigned organizations/individuals feel that the police had lodged entirely false and fabricated FI.R. against the activist and members of Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra . We also condemn this police action on the innocent members and the activists of Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra.

We demand that:-

(1) F.I.R. No. 321/2012 registered at P.S. Ranipur , Haridwar, uttarakhand against workers, activists and members of Inqlabi Mazdoor Kendra be quashed immediately.

(2) Police officer be punished for lodging a false and fabricated F.I.R.

(3) Stop repression of worker’s movement.

(4) Restore worker’s right.

Inqalabi Mazdoor Kendra
Krantikari Lok Adhikar Sangathan
Krantikari Naujawan Sabha
Mehnatkash Mazdoor Morcha
Mazdoor Patrika
Pragatisheel Mahila Ekta Kendra
Radical Notes
Shramik Sangram Samiti
Shramik Duniya
Students For Resistance
Vidyarthi Yuvjan Sabha
Workers Unity Trade Union