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You are most cordially invited to a meeting sponsored by ‘Citizens Forum for Civil Liberties’, ‘Grahak Shakti’, ‘The Fifth estate Trust’ and ‘Youth Against Corruption’ to release a Monograph on UID , on Nov 28th , at 2 PM at Indian Women’s Press Corps premises – 5, Windsor Place, Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001.

We believe that the people of this country should know the truth about UID, masquerading under the brand name, “Aadhaar”. The deceit in promoting UID as a pro-poor initiative needs to be exposed.

The Monograph brings out startling revelations about UIDAI and its foreign contractors, which are hitherto hidden from, and hence unknown to, the people of India. Its purpose is to shine a torch into the dark secrets of the UID scheme, reveal facts so far hidden from the people, seek an investigation and call for an immediate halt to this nefarious scheme.

The issues raised in the Monograph are backed by solid documentary evidence. The evidence is made available in the Monograph. They are sufficient to warrant a further probe.

We hope that this would open the eyes of all nationalists, among elected representatives, government functionaries, media, politicians, political parties, civil activists and most importantly, all people who love their country.

Gopal Krishna, Somasekhar, V.K, Mathew Thomas and Sunil Bansal

RSVP: +919818089660; +9194498366360; +919880000401