Police Thana Hazartganz
Respected Sir,
I am a common man of this country , I have been married for 24 years and my 25th anniversary is coming up shortly . I had planned to take my wife out for a special anniversary dinner, all these years she has been complaining that I am not a very romantic person so I wanted to take her out for a candle light dinner where I plan to have champagne ,  hold her hands , look into her eyes , present her with a rose and a diamond ring , subsequently I plan to order some mutton with rice eat my dinner in peace and come back home.
Sir , of late I have been reading in the newspapers that some Anti Romeo Squads have been made to catch rowdy elements who tease girls , Sir I think this is a very good idea and there should be no compromise on the safety and security of our girls , I have also read that just by the look in the eyes these policemen can make out who these Romeos are , and recently they caught a brother and sister sitting together and took them to the Police Station.
Sir , even though I am not a very romantic person but just for one day I wanted to get that romantic look in my eyes to impress my wife , but Sir am scared that just by that look the Police may think I am a Romeo and arrest me . I assure you Sir that look will all be made up only for a few hours and will become normal after that .
As far as mutton is concerned I will order Paneer if that is permitted and think that I am eating mutton .
I am a law abiding , tax paying citizen of the country and hence Sir would request you to grant me permission to take my wife out for this dinner .
Copy of my Aadhaar card , PAN card , driving licence , Passport , Identity card are enclosed for your verification please .
Looking forward to an early reply from you Sir .
With warm regards yours sincerely