It is disgusting to see a man, who has written literary novels and has a nicely styled ponytail, being treated by the media and the public at large as if he were some ordinary sexual predator.

I mean, come on, he can speak English, he has money, he can bring Robert De Niro to India, and he can find grammatical mistakes in this article, and yet we are treating him as if he were some rickshaw puller or a bus conductor?

Where is the sense of proportion dude?

Tarun Tejpal

Let’s get it right: Tarun Tejpal is not another of those ugly uncouth illiterate rapists. He’s a good rapist, that too if the charges are proved and the latest draconian laws are applied.

But till that happens, let not the deeds of some bad rapists bring disrepute to the good ones.

You might be shocked that how can there be good and bad rapists. This is because you are naïve and don’t know that there are such categorizations. There is a good Taliban and a bad Taliban in our neighborhood. And back home, we have good bigots and bad bigots.

Good Taliban don’t randomly kill people, they select their targets wisely after much discussion and finally behead them.

Similarly, good bigots don’t go on abusing people just because they belong to another religion or subscribe to another ideology. They write editorials and malign the very existence of people whose set of beliefs they don’t agree with. They bring shame and agony with nicely crafted words, not maa-behen abuses.

Do you now have the cognitive ability to differentiate between the good and the bad? Don’t go by regressive ideas propagated by regressive events like Dussehra, where Ram is good and Raavan is bad. LOL!

Good and bad is defined in modern books, with progressive ideas. Once you read those books and articles, and apply your mind, you will know that there is a difference between an ordinary rapist and a self-lacerating Tejpal.

We don’t treat good rapists in this way. It’s a shame that media is going after him as if he were an ordinary bad rapist speaking North Indian accented Hindi.

For god’s sake, he’s not a guy who stares at women perversely. He winks at them; with a panache and élan that makes him look adorable and a superstar.

He doesn’t show his ugly gutkha lacerated teeth and tries to paw random women in secluded places. He finds a context, invites the girl to the place, convinces (himself) that the situation is conducive to being consensual, lets out alcohol aromated words, and then he brings his hands in action.

What kind of an idiot you have to be to not see the difference and insist upon treating him as just another sexual offender?

Enough is enough. Down with communal forces.