Swati Pandey

This is to bring to your notice that my sister Jaya Pandey (39) was killed at her father’s (Shesh Nath Pandey) residence in gorakhpur on 4th of October 2017. The police did a Postmortem which said asphyxia was the main reason of the death. Family submitted a complaint which stated that Rakesh tripathi and Shesh nath Pandey might be behind this murder.

Mother (Dr. Sandhya Pandey R/O Sahjanwa, Gorakhpur) told the police that Shesh Nath Pandey is involved in some kinds of illegal activities and he might be using Jaya for the same. Rakesh and Mr. Pandey made Jaya addicted to drugs.

Mr. Pandey gave in writing to the police two months back that he won’t call Jaya to his residence yet he called her on 3rd of October. Jaya had a son Sajal (13) and she and his son lived with Jayas’ mother, Dr Sandhya Pandey

Jaya was found dead in a tank in the morning of 4th october in a paid toilet complex which is owned by Mr. Pandey. The tank was not more than 4.5 ft deep and 1.5 fr broad.

Despite of a complaint given by the family on 6th October the FIR which was registered on 8th October was registered against unknown people 13 days have passed since Jaya’s death but police has not taken any strong step accept the statements of the family, Mr. Pandey and Rakesh Tripathi.