Why no new measures for womens’ safety discussed after December 16 are in place yet – like better street lighting in cities, promptness at police stations and hospitals, proper patrolling of city streets at night


Why no action was taken against the Chairperson of the National Commission for Women Mamta Sharma despite statements from her like the one reported inTehelka, March 31, 2012


Why the 1000 crore Nirbhaya fund announced in the union budget in March 2013 remains unspent, with no proposals sent in by the Ministry of Women and Child Development to date


Why compensation promised by state governments to rape victims most often doesn’t reach them


Why sensitisation programmes and training for the police across the country in handling rape cases hasn’t been prioritised urgently


Why free and immediate legal aid to rape victims required in most cases has not materialised


Why the government still looks to womens’ groups for training in gender sensitisation, as if rape is a womens’ only issue


Why our rape laws have not been amended to include marital rape that statistically is shown to account for over 90% of rapes in India and why our Parliamentarians refused to add this amendment when the Verma commission had strongly suggested it


Why the countless rapes of girls in slums and rural areas don’t shock the nation


Why safer means of transport for women are not provided by the state and why companies that employ women don’t provide for safe transport for them after dark


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