• ·   In 10 years 60,000 small scale industries have been closed down. (source: Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Gujarat.2011-12 )
  • ·  Gujarat ranks 5TH  in F.D.I. (source: Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Gujarat. & Report by reserve bank of India.2011-12  )
  • · The state’s total debt was less than Rs 10,000 crore when the BJP first came to power in Gujarat in 1995. Gujarat’s actual debt has mounted from Rs 45,301 crore in 2001-02 when Modi took over  to Rs 1,38,978 crore on December 30, 2012.  The debt would mount to Rs 2,07,695 crore as per the state government’s budget estimates by 2015-16.  (source: Director, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Gujarat. & Gujarat assembly question hours2011-12 )
  • ·  Gujarat is at 8th position in agricultural growth. Gujarat is never achieved 10% growth in Agriculture sector. As per Government of Gujarat’s own statistics from year 2005-2006 to 2010-2011, growth in GSDP in Agriculture and Allied sector is 3.44% only-not double digit or 10%. (source:Gujarat economics and statastics department, govt. of Gujarat And Times Of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/…)
  • ·  In Gujarat VAT on fertilizer is 5% it is highest in India (Source:Ministry of agriculture, Gujarat,2010-11)
  • ·  In Gujarat 26 districts have 225 blocks in which 57 are dark zone blocks. (Source:Ministry of agriculture, Gujarat And annual report Narmada nigam, 2011-12)
  • ·  455885 Applications are pending for agricultural power connection as on March, 2011 (Source:Ministry of agriculture, Gujarat,2011-12 )
  •  ·  Close to half of the states children under the age of 5 (44.6 %) are known to be suffering from malnutrition. 70 per cent are said to be anemic while 40 per cent are underweight. (Source:planning commission report-2012-13)
  •      In  8 districts and 3 Talukas of Gujarat, 2494 teachers posts are vacant.
  •      In 4 dist of Gujarat, approximately 978 schools are running with only 1 or 2 teachers. (Source: RTI filed by Vinod Pandya GOG reply to RTI, 2011-12) (Source: A report by NGO Ahmedabad Womens Assosiation Gujarat-AWAG (TIMES NEWS NETWORK, 25 th Jan 2013 )
  • ·  The Deputy Speaker’s post is left vacant by the Gujarat Government for a decade. (As per article 178 of Indian constitution, it is compulsory)
  • · Assembly runs on an average for 30-32 days a year.
  • ·  No Lokayukta appointed since last 10 years.
  • ·  Gujarat has organized 3716 Employment festival” as per Government of Gujarat own record 10 lacks educated youth are unemployed and a total of 30 lakh people are unemployed. (Source: NASSO report,GOI,2011-12)
  • ·   NSSO data show that in Gujarat , growth in employment has dropped to almost zero in the past 12 years

A recent CAG review on accounts of the States is an eye-opener when it comes to Gujarat, the latter’s high claims notwithstanding. Allegedly there are Rs 16,706.99 crore worth of financial and land allotment irregularities with resultant negative impact on delivery on economic and development fronts (Source: CAG report 2011-12)

Text: TNN

AHMEDABAD: At a time when Narendra Modi‘s development model is under national spotlight, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has criticized his government in Gujarat for imprudent fiscal management.

It has underlined a need for greater professionalism and accountability in the functioning of the government and asked it to be more alert and responsive.


Poor debt management

The national auditor has said the state government has incurred 41% higher debt than the previous fiscal and burdened the exchequer with heavy interest liability at a higher rate.

The state government had taken a loan of Rs 15,083 crore to adjust the monetary deficit of Rs 11,027 crore, leaving a balance of Rs 3,645 crore, which is poor debt management, said CAG.


Average return on investments

It has invested Rs 39,179 crore in corporations, boards, government companies, rural banks and joint ventures. In the last five years, the average return on this investment was 0.25% while the state government has paid interest at the rate of 7.75%.


Utilization certificate

The CAG report, which is likely to be tabled in the ongoing session of the state assembly, also criticized the government for not furnishing utilization certificate of Rs 9,066.34 crore.

On education and health

The CAG has also observed that compared to other states, Gujarat traditionally spends less on education and health. Though, in 2011, the amount spent on health was adequate.

On computer literacy and education

CAG has also ridiculed the government on computer literacy and education — Rs 292 crore was allocated but only Rs 88.24 crore was used. Similarly, for special courts, Rs 629 crore was granted, but only Rs 252.45 crore was used.

Wide variation under every major head of account

In the roads and buildings department, Rs 957.95 crore was allocated for constructing offices, but not even half the amount was spent for various reasons. Sighting many such examples, CAG has observed that there is wide variation, practically under every major head of account.

Finance and public sectors least efficient

Although the entire state government has been criticized, the finance and public sectors have been shown as least efficient. For example, savings under each major heads clearly suggest non-performance of government departments, for which no reasons have been given.


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