03/09/2013 00:29:00MP Midday Editor

Indore: In a shocking incident, a married woman was gangraped by 9 people in Jhabua, Petalwad in front of her husband. She was brutally killed after the act, while her husband was shooed away from the spot. The brutality of the incident can be gauged from the fact that the woman was stabbed 19 times. The assailants even tried to decapitate her.

According to reports, the victim was going to her paternal house in Jhansaur by a bike. After sometime, six people on two bikes started following them. The husband speeded up to leave them behind. However, three others came from the front on another bike.

They stopped the couple and started beating up the husband. They shooed him away, while the other six people dragged the woman to the nearby woods.

When the husband reached his village, he narrated the incident to the villagers who rushed to the spot with him. After searching the area, they found the body at 12 am.


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