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AHMEDABAD MIRROR, September 05, 2013, Praveen Mishra


Dare to think about citizens in Gujarat when you have the combination of god-Modi, guru-Asaram and shishya-Vanzara working in tandem? The wait for Modi’s tweet is getting longer


Vanzara said that his ‘god’ did not rise to the occasion under the ‘evil’ influence of Amit Shah
English is a funny language. ‘Beard’ has two dictionary meanings: the noun means a growth of hair on the chin of a man’s face. The verb beard means to boldly confront or challenge someone formidable.Even the word ‘weird’ has two meanings: the verb weird induces a sense of disbelief in someone. However the noun weird means a person’s destiny. Long, brown, black, white… all kinds of beard are in news for weird reasons. The charges on them range from rape, terrorism, faking terrorism, murder, etc.

All are accused of serious crime, have plenty of money and muscle power, and enjoy significant fan followings. The Mad Caddies is a band from California, formed in 1995. One of its very popular sea shanties was “Weird Beard”.

The lyrics read: The night was dark the seas were rough the port lay straight ahead the booze ran out the men grew tired and this is what they said: “Captain if you cannot find a place to set her down then you’ll be sleeping right along with this vessel in the ground”

The song now has a new meaning as the captain of the Gujarat ship is in an unprecedented crisis because of his own men who grew tired. Suspended IPS officer D G Vanzara, accused in a number of fake encounter cases and in jail for more than six years, has written a 10-page resignation letter from the police services, severely criticising the two most powerful bearded men in the Gujarat government (one of them was part of it until a couple of years ago).

The red bearded Vanzara bearded Modi government and said, “… the conscious policy of this government which was inspiring, guiding and monitoring our actions from the very close quarters. By this reasoning, I am of the firm opinion that place of this government, instead of being in Gandhinagar, should either be in Taloja central prison at Navi Mumbai or in Sabarmati central prison at Ahmedabad.”

Vanzara also accused the Modi government of clandestinely making all efforts to keep him and other officers in the jail to save its skin from CBI and gain political benefits. Vanzara said that he used to adore Narendra Modi like a god. In May 2007, Vanzara had said that Asaram Bapu was his guru.

One may wonder what would happen to an ordinary citizen in a state where Vanzara is a shishya, Asaram is a guru and Modi is a god. Vanzara also said that his ‘god’ did not rise to the occasion under the ‘evil’ influence of Amit Shah. The suspended and jailed officer is angry because he and 31 other policemen kept in different jails were used for political benefits and once they outlived their utility they were arrested by the CID/CBI under the very nose of this government.

This is not a battle of good versus evil; it is about unequal division of the prey which they hunted together. On one side, Modi and Shah reaped tremendous political dividends by faking the fear of jehadi terrorists in the majority Hindus’ minds, their foot soldiers are paying for the crime by being deprived of freedom and simple pleasures of life.

Vanzara said, “This government, through the dirty tactics of Amit Shah, is only managing for its own self to swim and prosper in all directions while allowing police officers to sink and die a natural death.” The content of the resignation letter of Vanzara is not necessarily the whole truth.

It is a bitter admission of a frustrated police officer who was in conspiracy with the then junior home minister Amit Shah as well as the chief minister Modi who was and is the home minister in all the ‘encounter’ killings. The resignation letter of Vanzara does not express any remorse whatsoever for the killing of the innocent people but still continues to project these encounters as the arrested cops’ duty towards the nation.

They never thought that they would get caught and would have to languish in the jail for the rest of their lives. When the Sohrabuddin case was shifted to Maharashtra, the shift from Sabarmati jail took away the royal treatment that they were getting.

So it’s not a change of heart on part of Vanzara and police officers of his rank deserve no sympathy. He has only succeeded in exposing not only himself but also Modi and his government which unfortunately CBI could not do. The otherwise noisy Modi birdie has not tweeted and has maintained silence of a weird kind this time. It is now for the central government to act if it still has some potency left in it. Declare president’s rule in the state and arrest Modi.





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