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Hyderabad: Thieves entered an Aadhaar Centre in the Gram Panchayat, Shamshabad, and scooted with laptops used by the authorities to enrol and save the details of the applicants.



The thieves also took away batteries and chargers that were lying there. The operators, who noticed that the Centre was open and things fallen out of place, later realised what happened.



According to sources, the authorities at the centre near the airport, reportedly left for dinner on Friday night after they bolted the door.



At 9.30 pm, operator Raju had bolted the main door and left for dinner at a nearby place. When he returned at 11 pm, he found that the door was opened and two laptops, batteries and chargers were missing.



Jayaram, the detective-inspector airport police, said, “We have received a complaint and a case has been registered. The security lapses are observed here. The centre also has a window which has glass doors, even that was opened. We have examined the spot and an effort to trace the accused is on. The motive behind the theft is purely for material benefit.”



Based on the complaint, a case has been registered and the cops have started the investigation. The Unique Identification Authority of India official, meanwhile, assured that there is nothing to panic regarding the stolen laptops and the data in it as the accused can’t get access to it by any chance, since it has an official code.



M.V.S. Rami Reddy deputy director general, regional office Hyderabad said, “After every packet, the data collected will be encrypted immediately and there is a logical code to each. Unless we give the code, one cannot get an access to the data. So, there is no fear of losing or tampering the data in the system. The data is automatically saved.”


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