Law-abiding citizens’ money being diverted!!
Recently you would have read about Airtel company’s eKYC (Aadhaar linking service) license being suspended temporarily. Here’s how Airtel managed to divert gas subsidy in the pretext of mobile-Aadhaar linking:
Please remember!
— If you provide your finger print for any verification, ensure that you do this ONLY ONCE! (Dont be fooled if operator asks to scan twice in context of technical error. EVERYTIME you provide your fingerprints, it is like signing on a blank paper.  This is how airtel created bank accounts without knowledge.)
— If you WANT to link, always be aware of who you are providing your Aadhaar number.
— If you have enrolled but DON’T WANT to link to anything else,  WAIT for Supreme Court decision expected in 2018.
— If you don’t want to get Aadhaar, don’t enroll. Wait for Supreme Court.
Common citizens are being threatened by holes in a unaccountable system like Aadhaar, Please ask your MP to raise these issues in parliament. Visit and send an email to your MP. #SpeakForMe
Unless you want to authenticate with biometrics, please goto and lock your biometrics. You can unlock before using if needed. This prevents, someone else trying to perform authentication using your fingerprint.
Login to UIDAI site and check your authentication attempts against your aadhaar. If you recognize any strange authentication, please contact UIDAI toll free 1947 immediately and report.