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Bangalore-based Narayana Health recently started offering discounts on key services including diagnostics, radiology, etc


Happy hours, a discount concept popular across bars, restaurants and multiplexes, is now catching up in the health care sector, too.

Bangalore-headquartered Narayana Health recently started offering discounts on key services, including diagnostics, radiology, and consultancy, during off-peak hours. Leading hospital chains such as Apollo and Fortis might take similar steps to woo patients during hours when footfall is relatively low. The discounts could range between 30 and 75 per cent, depending on the services.

Bars and restaurants usually offer happy-hour discounts to get patrons between afternoon and early evening, when footfall is less.

The idea is to spawn revenue by optimally utilising resources and equipment, which are otherwise on standby during late evening or at night. “We, in any case, keep our services open round-the-clock because of emergency or accident cases,” an official of Narayana Health told Business Standard. “Technicians and doctors are available during off-peak hours, and so we decided to provide services at a discounted rate to patients during the night.”

The hospital offers many services at a discounted rate from 8 pm to 8 am.


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