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Women’s group wants rehabilitation, hike in compensation

Members of the Karnataka State Devadasi Women Liberation Front staged a protest outside the office of the Deputy Commissioner here on Thursday. They were seeking an amendment to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 and financial aid from the Union government for the development of the Devadasi community.

“Even 25 years after enacting the Scheduled Castes and Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, atrocities against the Dalit community continued unrestricted. Devadasis, who belong to SC and ST communities, are at the receiving end.

Many crimes against them are not recognised under the Act. The Act needs to be amended to recognise all crimes and to award harsh punishment to perpetrators,” they demanded.


The members also demanded that the government take measures to rehabilitate victims as well as increase the compensation amount given to them. “In order to put in place a speedy justice delivery system, the government should establish fast-track courts and appoint additional public prosecutors. A mechanism should be put in place to create awareness about the rights of victims and witnesses,” they demanded.

They urged that Shaadi Bhagya be extended to the children of Devadasis. “Local authorities should take measures to make sure that the members of the Devadasi community get residential plots and houses and Below Poverty Line and Antyodaya cards.

President of the organisation Santoshamma, honorary president K.G. Veeresh and district president H. Padma led the protest.


  • Demand to extend Shaadi Bhagya to the children of Devadasis
  • ‘More awareness regarding rights of victims and witnesses required’
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