Brother Cooked Up Rape Story, Held For Murder

Rajkot: A day after bloody clashes during the funeral of rape victim left one person dead in Amreli’s Nani Dhari village, the district police came out with a shocking revelation that the girl was not sexually assaulted but murdered by her own teenage brother.
Police have arrested the boy who brutally killed his 22-yearold sister Asmita Teraiya on Friday night and later lodged a complaint against Sanjay Vala for raping and murdering her. He had also named Bhabhlu Vala as another suspect.
“The post-mortem report revealed that the woman was not raped. After some preliminary investigation, we found some discrepancies in the boy’s complaint and started questioning him. He has confessed to killing her,” E Radhakrishnan, inspector general of police, Junagadh range, told media persons in Khambha. Police said that it was a case of honour killing as the boy did not like his sister’s alleged relationship with Sanjay Vala, who he had falsely named as accused in the complaint.
“The boy got enraged when his sister got a call from someone on Friday midnight. He strangulated her and fled from the house. Later, he scripted the story of rape and murder,” Radhakrishnan said. Police said that the boy even tore off the woman’s clothes to show that she was raped.
Amreli superintendent of police Shobha Bhutada added that the boy feared his sister’s relation with youth from other community would bring shame to his family.
The incident had sparked a massive outrage among the people belonging to the girl’s community. Nearly 3,000 people had flocked to the village on Sunday and clashed with the community to which Vala belonged to. A mob had even ransacked his house and tried to set it ablaze.