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J Binduraj Kochi, January 2, 2014 |

Anima Murayath
A young woman lawyer of Kozhikode in Kerala has been suspended from the Calicut Bar Association for a Facebook comment posted by her in October last year criticising the unpleasant remarks made by male lawyers in Bar as well as at the office. Anima Muyarath, 24, was suspended by the Bar Association at its meeting held on December 30 for a month. The Bar Association held that the lady’s FB post was a severe misconduct that needed suspension and that they would offer her an opportunity to appeal against the decision.

Interestingly, there is nothing that meant to defame the Bar Association in the comment posted by Anima on October 25. The comment put by her in Malayalam complains about the “silly” behaviour of other male lawyers of her age in Kozhikode Bar as well as those at her office towards women. “It has been five month since I started practising as a lawyer in Kozhikode Bar. I don’t know whether the workplace in all other places in this world is like this or not. I met several silly persons of my age in bar as well as at my office. They address women as ‘sugar candy, dear’ and follow them with comments such as ‘you are so beautiful’ and the like. All of them follow the ‘Prem Nazir’ style in old Malayalam cinema. I think they don’t see the new films. They spoil the women by practising the old pattern of caring young women either making them lovers or sisters. I pity all those who follow such a style. Interestingly, there are some elders who make proposals on seeing a women. Are these people brokers or uncles?” reads the translation of Anima’s post in FB.

Anima told media that the action by Bar Association was unjustified as it amounted to the violation of freedom of expression, a fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution. “I have just commented on the unpleasant experiences I had from some of the colleagues. I didn’t even mention the names of the persons from whom I had bad experiences. I don’t know how it will defame the Bar Association or advocates’ community. The disciplinary actions were conducted in my absence after rejecting my request for the postponement of the date of personal hearing,” says Anima.


The Bar Association said that the decision would be placed before the general body in which Anima will be given an opportunity to appeal. Anima is now getting support from the all across Kerala on her Facebook page.


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