Chhattisgarh, October 08, 2013: On 22 Sept in Kongud, Kondagoan, Hindu extremists beat up two Christian siblings after they refused to renounce Christ. The extremists summoned Mankuram Singh and his brother Mankumar Singh to a Hindu temple and asked them to renounce Christ. However, the Christians refused and the mob thereafter started to beat them up, accused them of forceful conversion and further vandalized their homes, locked it up and chased them out from the village.

With the help of area Christian leaders, the Christians submitted a police complaint. “The police did not register a case against the attackers and the extremists are threatening to harm the Christians if they did not withdraw their complaint,” Advocate Sonsingh Jhali said.

Chhattisgarh christians

Madhya Pradesh, October 08, 2013: On 19 August in Borelaya, Thana Anjad, Badwani, Police detained 14 Christians after a mob of Hindu extremists stormed their prayer meeting, accused them of forceful conversion and beat them up. At about 12:30 pm, Hindu extremists barged into the prayer meeting conducted by Pastor Hate Singh Rawat, accused him and the believers of forceful conversion and beat them up.

Police arrived at the spot and took 14 Christians to the police station for questioning. However, after the inquiry, all of them were released without a case registered against them. Pastor Rawat said, “There was no case of forceful conversion. People came to the meeting by their own accord.”


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