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Dear Friends,

We are living in times where the communal biases are becoming stronger. These biases are founded upon misconception of history, and present politics. The politics which has its origin in the attempt to gain hegemony at economic, social and political level is presented under the garb of religion. The global politics for control over oil resources has also been presented in the cloak of religion.

The misconceptions about ‘other’, which form the basis of communal violence, also approve the theories of ‘clash of civilizations’ or ‘war against terror’. These need to be countered at the level of thought and ideas. The correct and positive perceptions of society have to be promoted far and wide. The awareness about truth behind the communal politics and terrorist politics needs to be taken to broad layers of our society.

Some of us have been striving to do this from last several years. There is a need that more of us, activists, teachers and concerned individuals have to join hands to strengthen this work. To help promote this crucial work we have brought “Communal Harmony Awareness Kit. This kit, after due understanding of its contents, can be used at social level for this work.

This Kit has, in sequence of use during the day, the following material

Contents of the Kit

1.      Film Ekta Sandesh ( by Waqar Khan)

This film is based on the clippings of Hindi films, which give the message of harmony: Duration 50 minutes.

2, A card, Solar message, for communal harmony: Through the experiment of letting sun light pass through symbols of different religions, it shows the oneness of humanity.

3.  Flip Chart: Sadbhavna SafarA total presentation of major theme with the help of visuals

This flip chart is based on the book ‘Communalism: What’s False: What’s True’ and covers the themes: Communal violence, temple destructions, Syncretic culture, Battle between kings, Values of freedom movement, Kashmir imbroglio, politics behind terrorism.


4.      Lecture DVD: Raah Aman ki: Nine DVD lectures: Each Lecture is of the duration of 25-30 minutes. Comunalism, Myths about minorities, Conversions, Politics of terror, Values of Freedom movement, Partition tragedy and Kashmir Imbroglio, Communal Organization’s Agenda (Couple of these lectures to be shown and discussed)

Using the kit

The presenter shows the film EKTA Sandesh followed by discussion. Then through the flip chart the myths and other themes are presented sequentially. Whatever questions come up during the flip chart presentation are deepened by showing Video Lectures from Raah Aman Ki. The group discussion and display of the pocket books Aman katha, Gandhi Katha and Ambedkar Katha follows the discussion.

Many of the components of the kit were released earlier. This is the attempt to put them together in a sequence.

The Kit is bilingual (Hindi+ English), please mention which language you will like to have.

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