A man carries a disabled relative to help her exercise her franchise in New Delhi on Wednesday.Photo: PTI

A man carries a disabled relative to help her exercise her franchise in New Delhi on Wednesday.Photo: PTI
Chief Election Officer, Delhi
Sub: Complaint to Chief Election Officer (Delhi) & Commissioner, Disabilities on violation of rights of disabled voters to vote.
Dear Sir,
Many of the persons with disabilities were unable to vote today because of inaccessible polling booths.1-The polling booth at SC/ST training centre outside GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden, Shahadra didnot have ramp or braille signage facility as per one of my student who casted his vote.
2-As per Abha Khetarpal, wheelchair user and President ‘Cross the Hurdles’:
Polling booth number A 28 Subhash Nagar…where I had to cast my vote, has no ramps for wheelchair and no Braille stickers…..Polling booths number 11, 12,13, 14 in Rajokri have no ramps and Braille stickers….Polling booth 13 in Rajokri has 7 stairs…So in this politics of vote bank, polling stations are inaccessible….How can it be called government for the people, by the people and for the people….If we report this to media they want ”proof” of this with pictures….But taking pictures is not allowed…..A disabled system indeed!!”
3-Shivani Gupta, another wheelchair user and President ‘AccessAbility‘ was not able to vote because of inaccessibility!
4-Though I appreciate EC Delhi on making their website accessible but Election Commission of India‘s website is still inaccessible and which is a shame. (http://eci.nic.in/eci/eci.html) Despite repeated orders from PMO, NIC guidelines, Chief Commissioner of Persons with disabilities order the government website is inaccessible.5-The polling booth  of Mundka (Nitholi) in North West Delhi looks inaccessible. Please find attached the photo taken from screenshot of live webcast of poll where it can be seen that a wheelchair users can not reach the polling table.
6-Despite Supreme Court orders, publicity was not given to inform disabled voters about accessible booth either on radio or newspapers.
7-Please find attached coverage in yesterday’s ‘Hindustan’ on problems facing disabled voters.
8- I am marking the complaint to Chief Commissioner of Persons with disabilities and State Commissioner of person with Disabilities, Delhi, to take strict and appropriate action as disabled voters were deprived of their voting rights. I also declare, I am a person with disability myself. I am copying the mail to disabled voters mentioned above.
with regards
Dr Satendra Singh (4th Dec 2013, )


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