AISA swept JNUSU elections in a landslide win, with Akbar Chawdhury on President with 1977 votes with a margin of 1317 votes; Anubhuti Agnes Bara on VP with 1966 votes with a margin of 1052 votes, Sandeep Saurav on GS with 1657 votes with a margin of 953 votes and Sarfaraz on Joint Secretary with 1705 votes with a margin of 59 votes. Before this, AISA made impressive advances in the DUSU polls, emerging as a strong third pole with over 8000 votes on the post of President and around 6000 votes on the other 3 central panel posts. A statement issued by CPI(ML) on the victory is below.

AISA’s Advance Is A Fitting Rebuff to the Myth of ‘Modi Magic’

The sweeping victory of AISA in JNU student union elections and the emphatic emergence of the organisation as a growing third force in Delhi university mark a great moment in the history of the revolutionary student movement in the country. It is a powerful rebuff to the myth of ‘Modi magic’ the BJP is trying to sell among the Indian youth and reflects the aspiration of young India for a progressive political shift in the country from the disastrous policies of the Congress and the communal fascist agenda of the BJP. In recent times Delhi has emerged as a citadel of popular democratic protests and AISA as the most energetic and consistent platform of student aspirations for progressive change. CPI(ML) Central Committee salutes the progressive students of Delhi and congratulates AISA on this great victory. The revolutionary student movement led by AISA must march ahead as a bulwark of popular resistance against the Congress legacy of scams and deepening crisis and the Modi mission of communal-and-corporate fascism.

Dipankar Bhattacharya

General Secretary




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