How the vulnerable will be affected by demonitisation, People who suffer due to lack of financial inclusion and literacy are going to be many.

Black money is mostly in the form of illicit wealth and not cash. And if the idea is to stop big notes, why introduce 2000 in place of 1000?

India -What about children who have run away from abusive their abusive parents with cash, but no paperwork and no  access to a support system.

Intercaste and inter-religious couples who are in hiding from vengeful families, and have sold gold for cash.

Hijras who are also paid in cash but who cannot get IDs or bank accounts due to their their gender .

Sex workers paid by clients only in cash. Who keep their money on their persons in high denomination notes for ease of transport.

Workers in unorgansied sector with no bank account who make living building roads, hoems for us what will they do , no address, no ID no proof?

Disabled people where every bank and ID-giving office is inaccessible who want to live financially autonomous lives of dignity

Parents in villages where the nearest bank is 10 km away who have been sent cash by their urban migrant children

Nomadic people who make a living selling goods and/or doing labour and being paid in  cash. Without address proof, and so, access to ID.

People who have sold their only cow/plot of land/silver anklet/zhopadpatti/bicycle to pay for urgent school fees/bail/medicines/tickets

Domestic abuse survivors who have painstakingly collected cash since their abusers deny them access to bank accounts or original papers


What about farmers , paddy has been harvested and sent to market, and sowing wheat and other rabi crops was under progress.


What about donations to temple, dargah’s?

What about Sanskari marriage happening on 9/11 people give Rs 500 and Rs 1000 cash , as present, how will they exchange ?

the list will keep on adding ……..

By amba azaad tweets and  wahtsapp discussion