Friday, 27 December 2013 | PNS | Lucknow

In what exposes the aristocratic mindset of society and anarchism mushrooming in the State, husband and son of village Rakhiya Buzurg gram pradhan, Ramdevi Tiwari, chopped off the fingers of a Dalit woman on filing a case against the gram pradhan in Shahjahanpur district.

The incident came to light in Sindhauli area, where Gaya Prasad, his son Anil and some of his aides stopped Meera (45) when she was returning home on Wednesday evening.

The group used objectionable words for the Dalit woman and chopped her fingers when she retaliated and warned of a police action. The miscreants left the scene unchallenged. The victim reached her home and narrated the incident to her family.

She was later admitted to a hospital for treatment. The motive behind the attack had its roots when Meera filed a case in the court against the gram Pradhan Ramdevi for contesting elections claiming self to be a dalit. She even had submitted forged documents related to her caste in the elections. The wounded is recuperating at hospital, while the accused were still at large.

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