Right to love!

Apr 22, 2014, 12.10 AM IST

Are you tired of all those politicos hurling angry accusations at each other? Well, here’s a large-hearted, soft-spoken party for a change. Even as polls 2014 have netas snarling at each other, the Indian Lovers Party (ILP) of Tamil Nadu emphasises how much nicer it is to make love, not war. This pyaar-bhara party was founded in 2008 to aid lovers in distress. It urges all lovers of the world to unite, even if that sounds like Karl Marx high on the flowery fumes of romance.But even as it bolsters global support, ILP isn’t content to sit around holding hands. Instead, it assists inter-caste lovers navigate scowling parents and tight-jawed clans, supports cross-community weddings, counsels the married and aids shorter-term romantics troubled by unloving policemen in parks. Unlike other politicos whose lectures and lives look starkly different, ILP’s founder, B Kumar Sri Sri, also resolutely walks his talk. Soon after the party’s birth he married his primary supporter, Mangala Devi. With such tender loving care in the air, it’s logical the party’s flag features the much-loved Taj Mahal and its election symbol is a super-sweet ice-cream cup.

But don’t think this is a softie party with a rosy-eyed view of the world. ILP’s website shows Kumar Sri Sri plus fans holding placards that firmly state, ‘Strong opposition to social enemies’. ILP may also be a sign of things to come. As once-single communities mingle more today, India is bound to see more lovers step across traditional lines. Here’s a party ready to represent such premis’ passionate plaints. Until then, we expect good times are being had in the ILP HQ – or the love shack, baby. And who knows, if enough people are willing to marry or have relationships across identity lines, violent identity politics will fade away spreading the peace and love.


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