Do you know what is wrong with Aadhaar
# Nothing – not your identity, address, resident status or even existence – is certified by anyone
# No one has audited the database: based on IT Minister R.S.Prasad’s statements in Parliament, estimated excess of 45% database is ghosts and duplicates
# Nothing is unique: your biometric doesn’t pull up your unique record
# No identification by anyone ever happened: enrolment required 2 other identity documents, not identification
# Data submitted by only 50 enrolment agencies, whose core business is other than identification, was allotted one billion numbers across 707 districts of India
# The UIDAI holds no legal liability for misuse, fraud, exclusion, denial on anyone, you cannot go to the police or even the court to complain
# Legislative overreach of UIDAI beyond mandate: gone beyond providing identification to deciding access, rights, exclusion, punishments
# Aadhaar regulations contains rules which are not consistent with with the Act (Eg: Storage of Aadhaar numbers)
# Authentication is not identification: just because a biometric matched doesn’t prove the person is who she claims or that person is present at all
# Authentication is not consent or authorisation: just because biometrics matched or OTP matched doesn’t mean the person has accepted/consented or authorised anything
# Subsidy being misdirected to Aadhaar numbers not real beneficiaries: Airtel Payments bank opened thousands of bank accounts with Aadhaar numbers that got subsidy, widow lost life because her pension was directed to another Aadhaar number, many such cases reported across India
# Exclusion of over 45% beneficiaries whose biometric fails, devices don’t work or distributors misuse biometrics: Stories from Rajasthan, Jharkhand etc.
# Dehumanizing the government: denial of food, education, even cremation for want of Aadhaar or authentication
# RBI had consistently resisted Aadhaar and highlighted it had no role to play for banking
Do you know what will certainly go wrong with Aadhaar?
# Your demographic details can be used on another number to authenticate you (biometrics will match the perpetrators number)
# Your number can be used by a perpetrator to obtain SIM cards, open bank accounts, get you married, transfer your property, enter into contracts on your behalf without your ability to seek redressal or justice
# You lose your identity and belongings the moment you lose your mobile phone (OTP Authentication)
# Your biometric can be stored by anyone using it and used repeatedly for other transactions not authorised by you
# Your number can be disabled at any time resulting in your “civil death” and preventing your access to anything requiring your Aadhaar
# Your Aadhaar can be used by criminals to open benami accounts in your name, siphon your subsidies or launder money
# Accounts linked to Aadhaar enable Aadhaar based payments to pull money from your account without leaving a trace
# Your demographic and biometric details can be updated through several channels without your knowledge allowing perpetrators to take over your identity
# The hundreds of millions of ghosts and duplicates in the system allow benami bank accounts, benami properties and benami transactions
# The hundreds of millions of benami bank accounts created by Aadhaar KYC allow parking black money, collecting bribes, financing crime
# The hundreds of millions of ghosts allow creation of terror sleeper cells and infiltration of security forces compromising national security
# The hundreds of millions of ghosts allow the rewriting of electoral rolls, other databases that protect the sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic and republic status
Do share widely so that we may restore the promise of our Preamble to justice, equality, liberty and dignity and ensure India remains a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic.