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Facebook Note  by – Manivannan

I have been appointed as Election Observer (General) for Raipur south Assembly constituency. I am here in Raipur, for next 3 weeks, till the polling day and beyond if required.

My duty is to over-see the election preparedness and the process, and ensure a free and fair election, on behalf of the Election commission of India.

My local number is: 09479000220

I will also be available in the Raipur collector office, room no: 16, from 4 -6 pm in the evening, for walk-in meetings.

Kindly share this message with anybody connected with Raipur, Chattisgarh directly or indirectly. The idea is to have maximum reach in Raipur, so that public/citizens/voter can contact me regarding any election related issue.

Needless to say, any compliant on illegal use of money or muscle power, problems in electoral rolls, etc, can be brought to my notice which will be attended to immediately.

Thank you very much! Your action to share this message will contribute towards a free and fair election in Raipur South!:)

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