Shree and Sanjay’s love story bloomed way back in 2000.Residents of Kestopur, they went to the same school and had sparks flying the moment they bumped into each other. Yet, theirs is not a regular love story. That Shree is a transwoman made it difficult for the couple to get acceptance. But after 15 long years, it’s a triumph of love as the duo is set for legal marriage in Kolkata today, making it the first legal trans marriage in the state.

“The journey wasn’t easy , but my mother’s support kept me going.Sanjay and I were worried about our future together. Two years back, I underwent the sex change operation and felt that there was still some hope,” recalled Shree Ghatak, 30, a theatre artiste and an NGO worker fighting for the rights of the underprivileged.

Sanjay Muhury , 32, who works in an MNC, said, “She is beautiful, enigmatic and everything that a man wants her woman to be. She has done a lot for me.”

Now it is my turn to be by her side.

Both of us were surprised when we found people, who we thought would oppose, ready to fight the battle on our behalf. With such great friends and family members, we can only expect an amazing married life ahead,” said Sanjay.

 About her expectations from marriage, the nervous bride said, “Sanjay has been with me through thick and thin.All I want from him is love.He is very caring and will be the best husband ever.”
 Shree added that her in-laws have accepted her with arms wide open. “I can never forget the day my mother-in-law said, `From now on, you are our daughterin-law’.” The groom-to-be sounded no less excited as he added, “I am waiting to see Shree as a bride. I am sure she will look stunning. I have no larger-than-life expectations as I know she will do more than any other daughter-in-law.”
 Here’s wishing the couple all the happiness in the world.