By-  Ernest Flanagan


Protesting s. 377 of India's Penal Code

Protesting s. 377 of India’s Penal Code (Photo credit: The Advocacy Project)


I’m may be ‘gay’ but I’m not happy


I can’t be happy if I’m not ‘gay’


With the latest ‘S. C.’ ruling


The law can put me away




And what goes on on in jail?


The same thing we do outside


Now It’s back to the closet


People like me have to hide




Adam was made for Eve


Also for Steve is what I say


But according to the law


It’s now illegal anyway




Elton John please don’t visit


Tell George Michael to stay away


If  ‘M J’ came to visit now


The courts would have had a field day.




Us fruit flies and us fairies


Are quite different from the rest


But we are also tax paying citizens


We too deserve the best




In the time gone by


They burnt witches at the stake


All we do is love our fellow men


Is that such a big mistake?




With our personal choices


The law should not interefere


In this matter even the ‘POPE’


Has made his opinion very clear


………………………….E J F…………….


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