A police force that no one ever trusts , Kills four unarmed men in the dead of the night .

Why ?

Because they didnt matter .

Unlikely that the Delhi police would have done this to men with connections who lived in Jor Bagh or Maharani Bagh . Did we even have enough evidence to suggest they committed the crime ? Had any court seen that evidence ? Had any court pronounced guilt ? And even assuming they had committed the crime , there is a process to be followed. If that is abdicated , you could be next . 

All of you legislators , political parties and sundry activists who set the tone for trigger justice … you have now got it . Go home . Drink juice . Your sham hunger strike is over . 

You never cared . Because if you did , there would not have been such a brazen attack on a woman complainant yesterday in unnao.

 Support to rape survivors is a long and arduous process . You have never met them , never talked to any one of them . You have no idea what they face or what they want .

Hang your heads in shame . And fear . This will haunt you .

But remember this is not what women want . #Not in our name

Rebecca John