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within a few months however , mindless violence of 2002 had dealt us another unexpected blow. Innocents were killed…I was shaken to the core.‘Grief’ ,’Sadness’, ‘Misery’, ‘Pain’, ‘Anguish’, ‘Agony’ – mere words could not capture the absolute emptiness one felt on witnessing such inhumanity.

Gaurav Yatra September 2002: A Shattered Modi wielding a sword - SIDDHARTH DARSHAN KUMAR/AP
Gaurav Yatra September 2002: A Shattered Modi wielding a sword – SIDDHARTH DARSHAN KUMAR/AP

Who could have used such meloncholic words and phrases to describe his own “shattered feelings” for the 2002 Gujarat violence? Even if Amitabh Bachchan gave you unlimited lifelines, you wouldn’t have guessed that the above lines were actually authored by someone who calls himself Narendra Modi and blogs on a website called The man who presided over the most brutal killings of over 1000 innocent men, women and children and had actually held a “Gaurav (glory) Yatra” in September, 2002, within seven months of the massacre to celebrate it, now wants us to believe the he was shaken to the core!

Modi claimed in his blog that words like sadness, pain etc cannot capture his real feelings. It was absolute emptiness he felt on witnessing such inhumanity! How can a man be such a big hypocrite?Let us recall what he had actually said in his speech in Bahucharji, Mehsana district, on 9 September, 2002, as a part of his Gaurav (glory) Yatra.

What brothers, should we run relief camps? Should I start children-producing centres? We want to achieve progress by pursuing the policy of family planning. We are five, they have 25! Can’t Gujarat implement family planning? Whose inhibitions are coming in our way? Which religious sect is coming in the way? Why is money not reaching the poor? If some people go on producing children, their children will do cycle puncture repair only.

This is how Modi had expressed his ‘anguish’ and ‘pain’ on September 9th, 2002.

These children producing centres as Mr Modi refers to relief camps were home to over 98,000 (NHRC figure) men, women and children who had to leave their homes to save their lives. This extremely shattered man who was also supposed to be the Chief Minister of the State had refused to visit a single relief camp till former Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee visited Shah Alam relief camp in Ahmedabad on April 4, 2002 – a full 35 days after the massacre. A story in Frontline (Volume 19 – Issue 10, May 11-24, 2002) reported the miserable conditions existing in the relief camps in Gujarat:

After Noorbanu and others in the Jehangir Nagar relief camp at Vatva received paltry sums as compensation for housing, the occupants of the camp have refused the government’s cheques. Of the 300-odd families in the camp, only 23 have received housing compensation so far.

The refugees’ hopes of returning home grow dimmer as the violence continues and the government’s half-hearted rehabilitation measures fail to provide any real support. Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee’s efforts to reassure the riot-affected people during his visit to Gujarat on April 4 came rather late – 35 days after the violence began. His promises regarding relief and rehabilitation have not yet been implemented properly by the State government. The only timeChief Minister Narendra Modi visited a relief camp housing Muslims was when he trailed the Prime Minister.

Let us now compare the lie spelt out in his latest blog expressing anguish and pain for the poor riot victims. Modi states that:

on one side was the pain of the victims of the earthquakes and on the other the pain of the victims of the riots. In decisively confronting this great turmoil, I had to single-mindedly focus all strength given to me by the almighty on the task of peace, justice and rehabilitation.

The reality of 2002 and the relief camps as reported in the Frontline story wholly destroys the carefully worded blog that is supposed to impress the gullible citizens so that Modi gets a clean chit in the eyes of the would be 2014 voters.

The same man who now calls the riots as “mindless violence” had called the pogrom of 2002 a “mass agitation”. In an interview, also published on Modi’s original and now obliterated website and given to then Senior Editor V. Shankar Aiyar and Special Correspondent Uday Mahurkar of India Today on March 18, 2002, while responding to a question about the brutality of the riots, this is what Modi had stated:

Narendra Modi: Gujarat Riots was a Mass Agitation
Narendra Modi: Gujarat Riots was a Mass Agitation

Q. Why do you think the rioting had such a brutal tinge to it?
A. It wasn’t merely a communal riot but something like a mass agitation.

If REAL Modi is the man who called the riots a “mass agitation” and referred to the ensuing relief camps housing over 98,000 riot victims as “children producing centres” not worthy enough to be graced by him, who is this impostor pretending to be a SHATTERED Modi on
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