Will leave India if Modi becomes PM:


U R Ananthamurthy

Posted by: Pallavi Sengupta Updated: Tuesday, September 17, 2013,oneindianews

Bangalore, Sept 16: Jnanpeet Award-winning Kannada writer U R Ananthamurthy has said that he will leave India if Narendra Modi becomes its prime minister.
Calling the Gujarat chief minister communal, Ananthamurthy said “Modi can neither reflect the ancient India nor can he build a model India. I will have no belongingness to India represented by Modi. I, in fact will not like to live in India during that period.” He drew the reference of Nehru’s Discovery of India and said that anyone with a social consciousness and responsibility will not want him as PM as he does not have the capability to build India of Nehru and Gandhi.
He said this while releasing the books Anusandana and Devara Guttu, which were written by Prof Baragur Ramachandrappa, at B P Wadia Hall, in Bangalore on Sunday (Sept 15).
He called upon the Congress and the voters of the country to join hands to keep communal forces at bay as revolutionary thinking is not acceptable by political fractions. Speaking of the writings by Baragur Ramachandrappa, he said that they were thought-provoking in nature, having the strength to stem the evils of society.
“Bagragur’s writings against communal forces are very superior. However, Bandaya Sahithya has not received the kind of response that deserves to get,” he said.