Raj Shekhar,TNN | Jan 18,

NEW DELHI: The four African women who were allegedly evicted from their house in Khirki Extension and forcibly taken to AIIMS in the early hours of Thursday for a medical test for drugs have given a written complaint to Delhi Police. They have said that a group of men had barged into their house, misbehaved and molested them, alleging they were sex workers and drug traffickers.

The women – two Nigerians and two Ugandans – have also alleged they were subjected to a cavity search during their medical examination at AIIMS and that it was an immensely humiliating experience. And what’s even worse, they were asked to give the urine sample in presence of people.

“One of the men from the group headed by the minister asked my friend not to go to the washroom, claiming she would run away, and instead go out of the hospital with them and urinate behind a car,” said one of the complainants. The cops had to intervene and ask the doctors to follow procedure. Bharti was allegedly present in AIIMS and has been captured in CCTV cameras.

The doctors in their report said the woman had tested negative for drugs. No drugs were recovered from them either.

The complaint was received at Malviya Nagar police station, sources said, after the women reached there on Friday, asking the police to take action and lodge an FIR against the men who had roughed them up between 1am and 3am in the intervening night of January 15-16. The women have also contacted their embassies and asked for help.

The police have not registered an FIR yet and are seeking legal opinion in the matter. Since the allegations relate to crime against women, the police will have to follow the court’s directions and take swift action in the case. “We have received the complaints and we are looking into it,” said a senior officer.

One of the women has complained that their tormentors asked her to leave the country at the earliest. They reportedly told them, ‘We are tired of you. We will not tolerate you black people in this city.’ “I was sleeping in my house when there were loud bangs on my door. The men were hurling abuses and asking to open the door. When I opened and asked what I had done, they pushed me aside and barged in. They searched my handbag and another bag, asking where I had hidden the drugs. I was scared and begged them to leave me,” one of the complainants wrote.

“They were screaming, ‘You black people should go back to your country. We will not let you live here. You are criminals, sex workers and drug suppliers.’ I was scared and didn’t know what to do. Then they dragged us outside. Thank god, the police was there and they saved us,” another woman said in the complaint.

The women have, however, not specified the identity of the men who misbehaved with them that night. “We don’t know them. We later came to know through media reports that the law minister of Delhi was present and some locals of the area were with him,” the women told the police.