Published on August 25, 2013by vaibrainmaker

An empowered Group of Ministers recently passed a resolution allowing Members of Parliament in both houses to link their Swiss bank accounts directly with their Aadhar cards. This would allow amounts from important business transactions to be credited directly to their offshore accounts.


Sonia Gandhi and PM unveiling the new Aadhar Card

“We are facing a huge backlash from politicians and bureaucrats with this direct benefit transfer scheme,” a senior minister said on condition of anonymity. “So we decided to allow their benefits to also be transferred directly to their accounts. After all, it was Rajiv Gandhiji’s dream that out of every 1 Rupee, 85 paise go to hardworking brokers, middlemen, politicians, government officials, etc.”

When this reporter pointed out that Mr. Gandhi’s so called “dream” was actually the opposite- that these 85 paise going waste be saved- the minister laughed. “Absolutely not!” he exclaimed, still laughing. “These middlemen, as you call them, actually add tremendous value to the country’s economy. Look at Vadraji- he was able to locate a piece of land, buy it dirt cheap without paying any money and then sell it to DLF at a profit of about 40 crores. Look how he added 40 crores to the country’s GDP with his tremendous entrepreneurship and vision!”



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