By Akmal Razvi10/5/13


Civilizations are based on the basic principle of sanctity of human life. The golden thread that binds all citizens of a civilized nation is that they abhor the loss of life and especially cold blooded murder. Fake encounters, communal violence, riots of all kinds and murders are a blot on civilization and especially on the soul of a nation and its civilized inhabitants. For many Politicians and  leading news channels murders and killings are numbers and identities. Sanctity of life is fast disappearing from our ethos.


Mr. Arun Jaitley has done a great disservice to the nation  by writing a letter to the Prime Minister dated   27-9-2013, released for the media on the website on 1-10-2013 Mr. Jaitley is accusing  the CBI of trying to fix Amit Shah and through him Mr. Narendra Modi. The letter demeans the Indian Constitution, the due process of law and the Judiciary. In addition there are several inaccuracies in the letter.

The whole tenor of the letter is “How dare the CBI treat the politicians especially from the Bharatiya Janata Party like other normal citizens, How dare the CBI arrest senior leaders of the BJP and file chargesheets without any prosecutable evidence. If only he had insisted that this rule should apply to all the under trials especially those thousands of accused who languish in jails for decades and are acquitted because of fabricated evidence and not just absence of prosecutable evidence. We live in times of absolute duplicity which is not what our nation ever was.

Mr. Jaitley referring to the Sohrabuddin encounter case writes that “Sohrabudin was a noted mafia who operated in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan…..  He was an illegal weapon dealer.  He had also been convicted under TADA.……..  He was an absconder from the police agencies of various state governments”.

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