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Mumbai:Less than a week after a woman’s dismembered body was found from different parts of Mumbai, the police have identified the victim as a young fashion designer and arrested the manager of a restaurant at Chembur Gymkhana for her murder.
The police said 36-year-old Prabhakar Shetty killed Kanta Shetty (31) because she wanted him to marry her, while he was engaged to wed another woman in November. Prabhakar allegedly strangled Kanta at his staff quarters in Subhash Nagar, Chembur, on the night of October 29 and then chopped her body in the bathroom. He stuffed the head in one plastic bag, the torso in another, and the limbs in a third, cops said. Each bag was dumped at a different spot on the same night.
The case was detected after Kanta’s sister Suhasini lodged a missing complaint with the Saki Naka police on Monday, in which she named Prabhakar as a suspect. “The sister told us that Prabhakar and Kanta became friends three years ago when they met on a train from Mangalore to Mumbai. They got into a relationship about two years ago after Kanta’s husband committed suicide. Kanta is survived by her 11-yearold son,” said a Saki Naka police officer.
Deputy commissioner of police (zone VI) Lakhmi Gautam confirmed Prabhakar’s arrest on Tuesday. According to officers, he has confessed to his crime.
The police said Prabhakar was trying for the last few months to break up with Kanta, who wanted them to get married. On October 29, Prabhakar had taken leave from work and was at his staff quarters when Kanta called and asked to meet. “Prabhakar refused, so Kanta went to his place. Knowing that she would do so, Prabhakar planned her murder and hid a knife in the bathroom,” said senior inspector Prahlad Panaskar of Chembur police.
“On Kanta’s arrival, he lured her into the bathroom on some pretext. He strangled her and then chopped off her head under a running tap so that blood marks do not stay. He hacked her limbs and packed the dismembered body into three plastic bags. The bag with the head was thrown into a nullah in Chembur’s Shell Colony, the one with the torso at Charai Lake in Chembur, and the one with the limbs at Trombay jetty. We still haven’t found the severed hands,” added Panaskar.
The bag with the torso was found on October 30 and the bag with the legs the next day.
Kanta’s 11-year-old son informed Suhasini of his mother’s disappearance on Monday and she approached the Saki Naka police. They in turn called on the Chembur police. Comparing facts in the missing plaint with the details of the discovered body parts solved the case.
Officers said Prabhakar left his home in an autorickshaw. He first travelled to Charai Lake, took another rickshaw to Trombay and then another to Shell Colony. At the lake, some youths saw a bag being flung into the water and called the control room. The police want to make the youths and the auto drivers, once identified, witnesses.
TIMELINE | According to the police, this is how the crime was perpetrated and solved: Oct 29 
Kanta called Prabhakar and insisted on meeting. He refused, but knowing she would still come Prabhakar hid a knife in the bathroom
At 7.30pm, Kanta reached Prabhakar’s second-floor dwelling. He lured her into the bathroom, strangled her, hacked off her head under a running tap so that blood marks do not stay, and chopped off the limbs
By 10.30pm, he packed the dismembered body into three plastic bags. He dumped a bag each at Charai Lake, Trombay jetty and a nullah at Chembur’s Shell Colony. He travelled to each place in a different auto Oct 30 & 31 
The torso
and legs were found at Charai Lake and Trombay Nov 4 
Kanta’s sister Suhasini lodged a
missing plaint with Saki Naka police and named Prabhakar as a suspect
Saki Naka police summoned Prabhakar, who claimed he had not met Kanta for several days
Constables from Saki Naka collected pics of the choppedup body from Chembur police. They were shown to Suhasini who identified them

KANTA SHETTY | 31 | A fashion designer, she stayed with her 11-yearold son in a Mhada building near Saki Naka police station. Her husband—who was in the electrical appliance business—reportedly committed suicide two years ago. She was a native of Mangalore

PRABHAKAR SHETTY | 36 | The manager of a restaurant in Chembur Gymkhana, he stayed at its staff quarters in Subhash Nagar. He got into a relationship with Kanta two years ago. He was engaged to wed another woman in November. He too is originally from Mangalore

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