NEW DELHI: Tens of millions of dollars as charity flowing into the country under jealously guarded web of deception to mask real motive have triggered panic in the Intelligence Community that is monitoring vulnerabilities and threats stemming from foreign sources.

“Accumulated evidence, painstaking examination of background and intelligence reports on funding patterns show Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) turning into sleeper cells—working and plotting against the government—in potential collusion with the foreign powers,” reveals a classified Intelligence dossier.

Providing examples of these new formidable apparatus, the dossier has flagged the tricky roles played by voluntary organisations such as IKV Pax Christi (Netherlands), Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) and Compassion International (USA) in taking circuitous route for funding local NGOs in a bid to create and run sleeper cells for future onslaught against the government.

The intelligence dossier, which has deciphered the clandestine relationship between financiers and these cells, has revealed the primary activities range from creating social tensions, making efforts for regime change and dragging down country’s economic growth.

The Intelligence dossier provides basis for security nightmare from western NGOs, which are focusing on seven critical areas—human rights, violence against women, religious freedom, human trafficking, climate change, Dalit and tribal rights—that could seriously damage Indian interests and frustrate the government’s development politics.

The dossier highlighted attempts by CIVICUS, a US-based international alliance of NGOs, to push at least five Indian NGOs to take up civic issues more aggressively. These NGOs drafted multiple reports based on the same set of facts, giving reference of each other’s research papers and documents.

“In India, notably, a document prepared by the US Army had declared that USAID had been able to gain oversight and authority over the NGOs whom it funded for performing certain functions,” states the dossier.

Under the guise of noble causes, a few others seek to pressure India at the international level to manipulate New Delhi’s stand on multi-lateral issues like climate change to malign the country’s reputation.

Counter-terrorism expert Dr Rituraj Mate said NGOs in India work in only those sectors that have huge budgetary provisions in the US State Department, which clearly means such organisations are working for American interests.

India’s Intelligence Community has noted it is not a coincidence that NGOs covertly plotting regime change and stirring civic unrest in various countries were incorporated and controlled in one country—USA—and working closely with the State Department.

“NGOs are legalised over-ground sleeper cells facilitating the logistics management activities such as recruitment, fund management and asset management. Interestingly, most of the NGOs are working in areas where Naxal activities are at peak,” he said.Intelligence officials believe the otherwise reputed NGOs working for avowed noble causes become ready instruments in the hands of such foreign policy interventions aimed at achieving the undeclared objectives.

The nefarious design is well-timed to inflict maximum damage. The dossier highlights that some NGOs chose to strike with human rights violation by Indian Army in Jammu and Kashmir just ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to foreign countries. There were specific examples to prove that just before Modi’s visit to certain countries, a few of these NGOs had tried to influence the engagement between sovereign powers by their motivated reports on these issues.

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) had written a letter to the European Union (EU) on alleged rights violations in India just one day prior to the visit of PM Narendra Modi to EU-India Summit 2016.–1.html