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Manipur art (Photo credit: Joe Athialy)

Marya Shakil,CNN-IBN
Nov 13, 2013

 New Delhi: In the hearings after their visit to Manipur, the National Human Rights Commission has stated that many encounter cases in the state appeared to be fake.

Twenty of the 44 encounter cases against the state security forces heard by the commission have been declared to be fake, whereas the commission is yet to decide on the remaining 22 cases.

The commission has directed the state government to provide relief to the next of those killed in the encounters.

When the NHRC made its first ever visit to Manipur as a full commission a fortnight ago, the members went through a critical process of conducting 44 hearings against complaints filed by victims of alleged fake encounters.

The provisional results are shocking, though not quite surprising.The commission is waiting for the state government to report on its compliance with its recommendations on providing relief to the next of kin.

NHRC member Satyabrata Pal said, “State government had failed to make its case, and we told the government to give them relief and in Imphal we closed the cases as well.”

Pal added, “The government failed to establish that these were exchanges of fire by para military or police in an exercise of right of self-defence.”

“These are joint operations, police is acting under the umbrella of para military forces and the AFSPA ensures that even if we find that these cases are fake the army is not likely to take any disciplinary action,” Pal said.



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