You are being told that its a “saffron wash” because media is only focussing on Mayor election while ignoring the rest.

The Mayor election was the only one that took place through EVM..the rest were done through ballot papers. About 70% of the elected representatives of the other posts are independent candidates. In ward number 68 of Gorakhpur, where Yogi Adityanath had voted, independent candidate Nadira Khatoon has won defeating BJP’s Maya Tripathi. Out of 652 seats, BJP gets 184 seats…and who gets the maximum? Bloody hell! It is the Independents!!!!

In all these other elections, BJP fared miserably. If anything, it was a humiliating defeat for the BJP. But the gullible media happily reported that the Congress had been decimated in these elections. Indeed, Congress has been a fringe player in the state’s politics for over 20 years and the votes normally are split three ways between BJP, SP and the BSP. Congress is not the main player in UP but the media coverage of the election focused on the poor performance of the Congress!

Even in the municipal corporations where it won as many as 14 of the 16 mayoral posts, the BJP’s performance wasn’t as impressive in the 1,299 declared seats out of a total of 1,300 seats for corporators – the party only won 596 of these seats, that is just about 46%.

The election was not about election of Mayor posts alone. 

In the Mayor’s post, BJP won 14 out of 16 seats. But, that’s not all:
Nagar Panchayat (Town Area) Presidents: 438/438
Independents: 182
BJP: 100
SP: 83
BSP: 45
Congress: 17
AAP: 2
Rashtriya Janata Dal: 2
Rashtriya Lok Dal: 3
Unrecognised Party: 2
Nagar Palika Parishad (City Municipal Council) Presidents : 198/198
BJP: 70
SP: 45
Independents: 43
BSP: 29
Congress: 9
CPI: 1
Ad hoc registered party: 1
Nagar Nigam (City Municipal Corporation) President: 16
BJP: 14
BSP: 2
• For the post of Municipal Chairperson:
BJP candidates won – 69
Non BJP candidates won – 126
• for Nagar Panchayat President
BJP candidates won- 100
Non-BJP candidates won- 338
• Nagar Parishad posts
BJP candidates won- 596
non-BJP candidates won- 701
• Nagar Palika Members
BJP candidates won- 916
non-BJP candidates won- 4295
• Nagar Panchayat members
BJP candidates won- 663
non-BJP candidates won- 4715
 Source: State Election Commission Uttar Pradesh , Lucknow

 Just the combined number of seats won by the three main opposition parties, where the votes were divided among them, is indicative enough of what the scenario might have been if they had agreed on joint candidates and campaigned collectively.

The need for the opposition parties to come together, even if the BJP’s support base has declined, is the biggest learning from these results.

SP emerges as the third party with 128 seats out of 652…

BSP emerges in the fourth position with 76 seats out of 652…again, BSP has re-gained some of its Dalit votes…but overall, sliding behind SP must have given it cold comfort.

In Nagar Palika Parishad, 70 seats got by BJP fetched it 35.5% of the vote…SP polled 22.5 % and BSP 14.65% while Congress polled 4.5%…Independents polled 21.72% of the votes polled…

35.5% votes polled by BJP in Nagar Palika Parishad out of a total of 1 crore votes, amounts to 35 lakhs…
In the 2.65 crore votes polled in Nagar Panchayats, BJP with just 100 seats out of 438 could manage only 22% of the vote! In this segment, Independents polled 41.55% of the votes…SP polled 18.95% and BSP polled 10.27%…Congress vote share stood at 3.88%…
In 2007 assembly elections, BJP polled 42% of the vote. It had swept rural areas. Now its share has come down to 30%!
With few exceptions, BJP lost entire seats in Nagar Panchayats in Basti, Gonda, Chitrokoot, Allahabad, Mirzapur, Barabanki, Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Kausambi, Fatehpur, Farukkhabad, Firozabad on and on…Amethi was with BJP last time also…no big deal…
This loss is a fatal blow for Yogi…imagine BJP trailing behind Independents…the latter trend OPENS THE FLOODGATES FOR THE RISE OF NEW FORCES IN UP!