My name is Son Singh Dhurve. I am calling from Pandaria block in
Kawardha district in Chhattisgarh. Up in the hills there is a Baiga
village called Bahpani (Kandavani gram panchayat). No food has reached
the anganvadi center there from 2 and half months. The in charge says
she fed 25 Baiga children with her personal food for 2 months but
there is no food from last 2 weeks. In the same village Patwari (
07898677604) is asking Rs 100 each for giving land rights deed under
forest rights act. For more Dhurve Ji can be reached at 08720822286

My name is Jagdish. I am calling from Rewa district in Madhya Pradesh.
Today I am standing in front of a health center building which was
completed in 2001-02. But since then no doctor has been appointed to
this 10 bed hospital. The hospital has no bed, no machines. No child
has been born in this hospital. Today on the occassion of Gandhi
jayanti villagers organised a one day dharna demanding appointment of
doctors. Many have died in the region in need of treatment. For more
Jagdish Ji can be reached at 09893905883