Rama Krishnan  on Facebook

Dear Modiji,

I loved you. I voted for BJP. I saw you as a ray of hope for India. I still have a tiny sliver of belief in you. If only I could find answers to these troubling questions….

1. Why do you lie ?
In your Nov 8 speech, there was no mention of a cashless economy. When you saw most money coming into the system, you changed your stance instantly! Why do you keep repeating only the rich will suffer when it is the poorest of the poor that are hardest hit?

2. Why are you not compassionate?
Shouldn’t new notes be printed before scrapping old ones? It would have greatly eased the misery of us all. If you thought printing new notes would cause the decision to leak out, it means you do not have a trustworthy team. Shouldn’t that be fixed first before fixing the nation? Would you announce a war first and then start deploying troops ?

3. Why are you turning a blind eye to corruption and black money in your own party ?
If you had first gone after your own partymen, bureaucrats, tax evaders and defaulters,I’d have greatly respected you.

4. Why were 2000 rupee notes printed if you wanted to scrap high denomination currency ?

6. Why was it printed in a wrong size so that all ATMs need to be re-calibrated ?
You won’t start distributing wrong sized bullets just before battle, would you ?

7. Why did you not anticipate widespread suffering this move would cause and take actions to prevent them ?

8. Why have you still not apologised/ expressed regret for the massacre of Muslims in the Godhra riots ?

9. Why did you declare all of us guilty till we proved our innocence? Now, why did you criminalise possession of old notes?
A free country does not let its citizens live in fear. There might be many homes where old notes might be lying forgotten. Do you want to classify all of them as criminals ?

10. Would you accept you have caused untold suffering to the weakest sections of the society ? Would you apologise for it in today’s speech ?

You are a gifted orator. You can easily lie your way out of this mess. I hope you won’t do it tonight. I still believe you are a better man than that!

For God’s sake, please skip drama and bringing in the plight of soldiers to bolster your arguments. I respect a soldier, as much as I respect a farmer, scavenger, watchman or a cobbler. They all are vital for our country. No one is more valuable/ special than the other.

Thank you !