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India – Plastic eggs found in Orissa school; here’s how you can identify the fake ones #WTFnews

Orissa State Food Commission asked the Secretary of the Mass Education department to inquire about allegations of supply of plastic eggs.


1.Egg white will not mix up together quickly
2. Fake eggs will make a hollow sound.
3. If you place the egg on the flashlight, you will not be able to see the yolk, and the shell will be clearer.
4. The yolk will be too yellow.
5. By chance, you happen to boil it. The yolk will be too hard to break.

Here’s a video by a user that will help you understand better:


Earlier,  In April ‘Plastic’ eggs  were sold in Kolkata market.

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation has ordered an investigation into the alleged sale of “artificial eggs”.

Please beware, when you buy eggs next time.

Video credit: PRC PROBLEMS (YouTube)


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  1. The supply of ‘ fake eggs to schools is deplorable. This is a heinous crime and the people who supply should be booked for cheating offence and malpractice.

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