MAOISTS ARE STUPID, if the Pune Police are to be believed, that is!

First the Maoists plot to assassinate Modi.

Then they write a long letter detailing the entire plan of assassination giving reasons on why they think Modi should be assassinated.

They also give the possible locations where Modi can be targetted and how in the same letter.

They talk about BJP’s electoral victories in the same letter almost praising Modi for being instrumental in getting those victories.

Then, in the same letter the Maoists ask for specific sum of money to procure specific type of arms and specific amounts of rounds of ammunition.

They also solicit a reply to the letter in writing from the person to whom the letter has been sent.

They mention the names of their “Comrades” in that letter, who would be involved in this assassination.

They end the letter with even a “date” written at the end clearly defining when it was written. 18/4/17

Finally, they leave the letter lying around in their house, for more than an year, in a very convenient place where the Cops can easily find it and then give it to the media and the local court instead of the investigation/intelligence agencies to pursue the matter quietly.

And all this happens in that digital age, where data encrypted messaging apps are on every phone and one doesnt really have to send anyone any written letters.

So yes, either the Maoists are stupid or someone thinks that the people are stupid to fall for this.