There is a Police and CRPF sponsored organization called Tritiya Prastuti Committee (TPC) in Jharkhand, which is helping the government in their fight against Naxalites. Now not only the members of TPC but their relatives have become a big problem for poor people. They keep grabbing land, extort money from poor people and the police ignores their crime. Till date such extortion were limited to small remote villages.

Now for the first time TCP people have targeted a poor man in a town.

Gunmen lead by Nila Yadav (whose uncle Mama, is Sikander Yadav, higher cadre of TPC) have forcibly grabbed the land of Lallu Yadav (a labourer).

Today (September 21, 2013) Nila Yadav is going to sign the document and he will lose his land. They have no choice because the police has refused to intervene. And poor villagers (mostly labourers) are too scared to stand against TPC members.

name of the victim: Lallu yadav, mobile no: 08809300745 Village : bansi Bigha, Ward No: 13, Hussainabad, Japla Dist: Palamau, Jharkhand, pin: 822 116

Name of HO (Thana Prabhari): Vinod Kumar Murmu Thana: Hussainabad, Phone: 06566-228010, 06566-222237, 09431706256

[Note: please call up the victim to for further information, ]