If any lessons are to be learned from Binyak Sen and  Sunilam’s conviction on the face off of cooked up charges by trial court of Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh respectively, and many more activists languishing in various jails across the country , it is  clear indication of  state’s intentions: cut the activism against system from beneath; not to  stop just at implicating the activists in the false cases, but  convict  them as well. It also shows that media’s fight against corrupt-system encircled within the boundaries of Delhi; do not have enough TRP support to go across the country.
                      We (Anurag, Shamim) along with our Adivasi activists, may be the next state target: during the course of Shramik Adivasi Sangathan (SAS) and Samajwadi Jan Parishad‘s fight against nexus of politicians and bureaucrats; we have been booked under a dozen false cases (A total of five dozen cases on 300 Adivasis and activists). Of these, the trial in the two cases of dacoity, kidnapping and attempted murder may begin within next two months at Harda session’s court in M.P.
In one of the case there are charges against us (Anurag, Shamim, and Sanjay) that we instigated 23 adivasis, to abduct a Forest Range Officer and two of his subordinates attempted murder and dacoity on them.
In this particular case in 2009, Shamim’s regular and Anurag’s anticipatory bail was rejected by session judge of Harda District Court on the grounds that the we have been engaged in anti-national activities and it is an  onset  of Naxalism; Shamim was in jail for 23 days. Whereas the fact of the matter is that  in this incident  the innocent adivasis were brutally attacked by the forest ranger ,with the butt of his rifle .The Adivasi activists had fractured arms  and jaw; the investigation in our counter FIR is not yet begun.
            Though, the perpetual victimization of SAS has drawn the attention of Supreme Court: the SC in the matter of SAS v/s state of MPhas ordered setting up a Grievance Redressal authority in each of the three districts of SAS work area, which is yet to come up.
But, given the above background, we need to take the trials of our cases seriously. This will necessitate generating a lot of finances for the purpose of Xeroxing, obtaining certified copies, lawyer’s fees and travelling. An adivasi travelling from his village to the court requires a minimum of Rs.150/- per trip and he loses out on the labour wages for two days. We have many petitions pending at Jabalpur High Court that have been already eating up a lot of our resources.
   In last 25 years of activism we have observed that the fine tradition of urban groups supporting grassroots activists has been dying gradually; the days of obligatory support from lawyers; journalists and progressive friends are on the decline. The fight against corruption cannot be built without reviving the traditional support system. May we appeal to all our friends, well wishers who wish to sustain this struggle for justice and   extend monetary contributions? Please Write back at [email protected]/, [email protected]
Anurag       Shamim    Mangal Singh        Rajendra            Babloo