11 December 2012
statesman news service

SILIGURI, 11 DEC: All medicine-shop owners around North Bengal Medical College and Hospital (NBMCH) have decided to sell generic drugs at 60 per cent less than the maximum retail print price.
The shops’ owners displayed a notice in this regard in front of their shops today. The medicine shop owners’ association affiliated to the Bengal Chemists and Druggist Association, Darjeeling district, adopted the resolution on Sunday after they came to know that NBMCH would open a fair price medicine shop.
The Zonal Secretary of the association in Siliguri, Mr Atul Roy, said: “In order to survive in competition with the government’s fair price shop, the medicine sellers have decided to sell generic drugs at 60 per cent less than the printed price.”
Mr Roy also said: “Several companies supply generic products to us at 80 per cent less than the printed price. If we deduct 60 per cent, the profit of margin would be 20 per cent. People will be able to buy medicines at even lesser price from us than the state-run outlet.”


(The tussle between NBMCH and Chemists’ and > Druggists’Association is providing medicines at cheaper rates. Is it going
to be for a short time or would it be continued continuously. Any how patients have  benefited.