Bhahujan Mukti Party is deeply outraged at the Supreme Court Judgement of April 21, 2014 allowing iron ore mining without prosecuting those responsible for the loot of the minerals. Shah Commission report submitted the Parliament of India 19 months ago has completely exposed the loot of minerals in Goa for the past two decades and named persons responsible.

Supreme Court Judgement admits that iron ore export from the year 2007 onwards has been totally illegal. Yet the Judgement does not call for booking and prosecution of those who robbed Goa’s iron ore during this period of time. Instead it allows them 20 million tonnes of ore to be exported annually. Supreme Court of India instead of punishing the robbers has instead choose to reward them. This is not a justice by any standard. Supreme Court has joined the party of the looters of Goa and its judgement is highly deplorable.

At least to the minimum Supreme Court should have directed that all those responsible for the loot since 2007 when the mining leases expired should have been sent to jail. This includes All the mining companies operating mines with no mining leases, All the responsible officials from Indian Bureau of Mines, Regional office of Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF), Pollution Control Board of Goa State, Forest department, Forest Ministers, Mines Ministers, Chief Ministers, Central Environment Ministers etc.

Bhahujan Mukti Party holds that not a single kilo of Ore from Goa be lifted, Shipped, dug and exported till all those responsible are booked and prosecution proceeded. Only then any talk of starting of mining of Goa under strict monitoring can be entertained. Present government is totally incompetent to tackle illegal mining. Though Sand mining in Goa’s rivers is illegal it is allowed with collaboration of ministers in Goa. We can only imagine what is going to be the fate of iron ore mines in this situation.

Besides most of the political parties in Goa are funded by mining companies who looted Goa for past many decades and are opposing Political Parties to come under the purview of RTI Act for fear of getting exposed completely. Currently Goa Government is supervising corruption with regard to Sand mining all over Goa.

Cliffton de Souza
Goa State


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